H4D and telemedicine in the news!

[Press release] H4D, the University of Angers and the Angers University Hospital revolutionises telemedicine and invents “telesemiology”

A three-way partnership that launches a whole new field of expertise and study of semiology adapted to remote clinical practice.


H4D’s connected medical booth: a unique patient experience

The Consult Station provides a unique and reliable experience for each patient. Discover the key figures from the feedback of the teleconsultations in more detail ; a main priority for H4D.


The medical service provided through H4D’s connected telemedicine booth

Find out in detail about the medical service provided by the Consult Station®, a fully connected medical booth where doctors can provide patients with a complete medical service


[Press release] H4D raises €15 million to revolutionize access to healthcare!

New funding round will be used to accelerate sales, develop new markets and launch the company’s US presence.


H4D’s clinical telemedicine solution in support of senior citizens

To support seniors in underserved areas, the Domitys residence in Blois experiments with one of H4D’s connected telemedicine booths


H4D, the solution for better quality of working life

An interview with Olivier Ruthardt
deputy general director,
MATMUT GROUP, chasing better quality of life at work