Healthcare coverage

What you need to know about National Insurance and pooled insurance coverage of your telemedical consultation in the Consult Station®.

Remboursement des actes de télémédecine

Telemedicine coverage in France

Since September 15, 2018, French National Health Insurance (Sécurité sociale) covers telemedicine procedures. This new care pathway was opened by article 6 of the French National Medical Convention.

As with face-to-face consultations, coverage depends on the public service contract between providers and public subscribers. H4D offers consultations with GPs contracted in sector 1, at a rate of 25 euros per consultation, excluding special procedures (such as electrocardiograms). All or part of the price is paid directly by the National Health Insurance and the patient’s personal insurance.

Coverage rates

 100% (National Health Insurance)

  • You benefit from “Universal Health Coverage”
  • You benefit from State Medical Aid
  • You suffer from a long-term condition

 70% (of National Health Insurance reimbursement) + 30%  (personal insurance) = 100%

  • You consult your registered GP
  • You are not registered with a GP
  • Your registered GP is not available in a reasonable timeframe

 30% (of National Health Insurance reimbursement) in all  other cases.

For immediate coverage, the patient just enters personal National Insurance details into their account. The doctor sends a completed treatment form to the National Health Insurance and the patient’s private insurer.

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