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Reduced travel for occupational doctors

Strengthened advisory and guidance role for occupational nurses

Improved collaboration between multi-disciplinary units in employee monitoring

H4D support for occupational health

H4D support in occupational health

As the number of occupational health professionals continues to decline, telemedicine opens new opportunities to make the most of a doctor’s time. H4D offers a comprehensive occupational health support package for businesses and local communities.

To help employers deal with occupational health and employee protection regulatory requirements, H4D also offers an occupational health nursing service.

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Becoming an occupational health nurse with H4D

Occupational health, as well as being a regulatory issue for businesses and local authorities, is a real development target for H4D. By joining H4D as an occupational health nurse, you will:

Help carry out an innovative and unique telemedicine project

Join a professional community to exchange best practices

Access a dedicated training scheme to develop your skills

When used for occupational health purposes, the Consult Station® is a real technological innovation, facilitating the monitoring of employees in occupational healthcare pathways. Patients are given genuine control over their health.

Fabien Racineux,
H4D occupational health nurse
Nantes, France

H4D support for
occupational health nurses


Ongoing training

A dedicated training scheme


Supportive local management

Helping nursing units improve day by day


H4D’s occupational health nursing community

Share your experiences with your peers


Expertise in occupational health

Occupational health specialists at your disposal

We are always on the lookout for talented health professionals looking to build tomorrow’s healthcare.

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