Expert in clinical telemedicine

The leading player in clinical telemedicine in Europe, with more than 10 years of technological and scientific expertise, H4D helps brings patients and doctors together.

By combining technology with medical ethics, H4D guarantees access to care everywhere and for everyone.

H4D in a few words

H4D’s story begins in the field. After managing an emergency sanitation response network in India and participating in humanitarian missions for the UN, Dr Franck Baudino became convinced of the need to put technology to work for patients, to create a tight network of telemedicine access points.

Dr Baudino invented the Consult Station®, the first locally connected telemedicine booth.

Following more than eight years of research and development, and a further six years perfecting telemedical techniques, Dr Baudino and his team designed a product, the telemedicine booth, and a complete telemedicine service.

From the training of doctors to the monitoring of patient data by their doctors, through the daily management of the service, H4D ensures the quality of a service that is unique in the world.

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Télécabine H4D

What is clinical telemedicine?

It is an innovative remote medical practice that uses information and communication (videoconferencing) technologies. Clinical telemedicine involves the patient in the performance of clinical examinations through the use of connected medical instruments.

In addition to guaranteeing comprehensive treatment, telemedicine focuses on the fundamentals of medical activity by strengthening the unique bond between doctor and patient.

Guided remotely by their doctor, patients become agents of their own health during the teleconsultation. This emphasis on the human touch puts people at the heart of telemedical practice.

Expertise in the creation of health projects

H4D’s approach is built around the construction of a health project, including medical access, technology solutions, and project management.

Expertise technologique H4D

Technological expertise

Complete and integrated management of the connected telemedicine booth, integrated software, and the protection of all Personal Health Information.

Expertise médicale

Medical expertise

Comprehensive medical support: access to a pool of health professionals, initial and continuous training, and operational medical coordination.

Expertise organisationnelle

Organizational expertise

Construction of health projects comprising a pre-installation study, the definition of care pathways, engagement with local stakeholders and project management.


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The H4D team

Équipe dynamique H4D

Dynamism and commitment to social change in healthcare

At H4D, we work for patients and doctors. Our foundational values are the driving force of our young and dynamic team: professionalism, trust, enthusiasm, and a taste for innovation all guide the actions of each member of H4D.

Communauté médicale H4D

A medical community committed to transforming healthcare

H4D’s solutions have been created by caregivers to help health professionals bring quality care to those who need it. Over time, H4D has built a strong network of talented health professionals committed to building tomorrow’s health systems.

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A network of international partners

H4D is now present in seven countries – and counting, with offices in Paris, Milan, Lisbon and Boston. In other countries, H4D has created strong partnerships with local actors to launch and operate its health projects.

Omnidoctor is looking to revolutionize medical assistance in Spain, with a complete telemedical offering for business, from prevention to follow-up. Expert practitioners gathered by Omnidoctor now rely on the H4D telemedicine booth to deliver the highest level of care to businesses.

The Franco-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Business France both support the development of H4D abroad.

With H4D’s services Medis, major insurer in Portugal, completes its offering for businesses. Developing prevention and ensuring fast treatment of acute diseases are two priorities for employers and insurers. Medis remains ahead of the innovation curve with the inclusion of the H4D booth in its offering.

Confido established the first private walk-in clinics in Estonia, open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., providing quick and convenient medical care from doctors and experienced nurses in case of recently arisen or long-lasting health problems. The Confido Group uses different telemedicine solutions including the H4D clinical telemedicine booth to deliver advanced medical care to patients.

Our client references

Ministère de l'intérieur un client H4D
Airbus a H4D client
UGAP un client H4D
Matmut a H4D client
SNCF a H4D client
Le Plessis Robinsons un client H4D
Icade a H4D client
Siaci Saint Honore a H4D client
Lyreco a H4D client
Hopital du Vert Galant un client H4D
Tereos a H4D client
Rosny-sous-bois un client H4D

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