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H4D adapts its services to your needs.

Are you a pharmacist? Hospital director? Senior or student residence manager? The telemedicine booth can be adapted to your specific needs.


The pharmacist’s role is changing and H4D helps you deploy a complete and innovative telemedicine solution in your pharmacy.

Strengthen the primary care collaboration between doctor and pharmacist

Make your pharmacy a one-stop shop for healthcare, from diagnosis to drug delivery

Update your service offering with preventive care

Services H4D en pharmacies

Telemedicine is an effective solution to increasing healthcare shortages.

Philippe Gaertner,
of the French Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions (FSPF)

With their extended opening hours, accessibility, and proximity, pharmacies are able to adapt their space to cater for remote doctor’s consultations.

French General Pharmaceutical Council (CNOP)
Green Book – Connected Pharmacies & Telepharmacy, 2018

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Healthcare facilities

A solution to help unblock emergency care units and strengthen their ties to primary care medicine

H4D is mobilized to fight Covid-19.

Pre-emergency triage solution

Save time through patient-conducted measurements

Research and training in clinical telemedicine

Services H4D en Etablissements de soins

H4D is mobilizing its connected telemedicine booths to provide a pre-triage and teleconsultation solution for caregivers.

If you would like to learn more, email covid19@h4d.com.

Installation Consult Station au Vert Galant

H4D services at the Vert-Galant Hospital

In 2014, the Consult Station® was installed in the emergency department of the private hospital of Vert-Galant to improve patient triage and management, reduce waiting times, and facilitate the production of reliable and reproducible healthcare information.

In 2020, as part of their response to the Covid-19 pandemic, A&E specialists at the Vert-Galant private hospital once again called on H4D, building on our already successful partnership. Together, H4D and the hospital connected telemedicine booth to improve the efficiency of patient orientation protocols.

“It is a real boon – the nurses are grateful because patient-conducted vitals measurements gave us one more, much needed nurse in the room! This afternoon, a patient with major oxygen desaturation had not been spotted in the triage tent. Fortunately, thanks to their session in the booth, we were able to transfer them to emergency care less than five minutes after their arrival.”

Dr Valérie Faure | Head of the Accident & Emergency unit at the Vert-Galant private hospital.

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Senior and student residences

A supplementary health service for independent seniors/students

Thorough medical follow-up for older people whose health is a priority

Ease of care for students living far from their family

Recognisable brand image of your organisation for residents and their families