The first connected
local telemedicine booth

H4D facilitates access to healthcare by allowing patients to consult a doctor remotely in the CS Clinic, the first connected local telemedicine booth.

This device allows quality healthcare to be delivered for primary care, occupational health, and general health promotion.

H4D: The global telemedicine solution

A device that ensures quality medical practice.

Dispositif médical de classe IIa

The CS Clinic combines hospital-grade medical instruments and sensors with screens and a communication system to produce highly reliable and reproducible medical data.

This high standard lets doctors carry out clinical exams and establish medical diagnoses as they would in their own practices.

Experience the CS Clinic in Virtual Reality

The connected healthcare booth has two modes:

Our client references

KPMG a H4D client
Eramet a H4D client
Matmut a H4D client
Malakoff Médéric Humanis a H4D client
Lyreco a H4D client
Carrefour un client H4D
SNCF a H4D client
Ministère de l'intérieur un client H4D
Tereos a H4D client
Rosny-sous-bois un client H4D
Icade a H4D client
Airbus a H4D client
Le Plessis Robinsons un client H4D

Secure, anonymized health data

H4D guarantees the security and anonymization of all personal health information that is gathered through its solution. This data is not shared with third parties; any use of it while using the CS Clinic must be explicitly authorized through patient consent.

Find out more about protecting personal health information (PHI)

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