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H4D is committed to the projects that are close to its heart. We are developing tailor-made solutions for bringing healthcare back to the neighborhoods that need it the most, and contributing to the cities of tomorrow.

Health in the Suburbs Initiative

Healthcare everywhere and for everyone: this is our mission in a nutshell. H4D is working to improve access to healthcare in sensitive urban zones.

Staff recruited from sensitive urban zones, involved in community and charity work

Multilingual and accessible technological solution

Creating a patient-friendly space focused on prevention, for changing the way people relate to their own health

Projet Santé H4D en Banlieue

Residents of sensitive urban zones are particularly affected by increasing shortages in healthcare. Economic, informational, and social barriers intensify health inequalities and lead patients to give up on healthcare.

H4D and the not-for-profit association Banlieues Santé are committed to facilitating access to healthcare in the suburbs. The “Health in the Suburbs” project aims to rebuild social ties around the health of citizens.

Health in the suburbs is not just a matter of geography. It is a complex subject. (…) The Consult Station® telemedicine booth will connect residents to pools of doctors. Access to medical professionals is an essential condition to improving the health of citizens in the suburbs.

Abdelaali El Badaoui,
Social entrepreneur
Founder of the not-for-profit association “Banlieues Santé”

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Smart Health Cities Initiative

H4D makes connected health one of the essential components of tomorrow’s smart cities, through its network of connected telemedicine booths.

Fostering innovative health

Effective coverage of urban areas

Advanced data-enabled epidemiological prediction and prevention

Projet Smart Health Cities H4D

The smart cities of today and tomorrow are based on a new urban experience. Movement and lifestyle data are analyzed to optimize municipal service delivery.

H4D innovates by adding to the Smart City concept a connected health component which will become an integral part of the urban ecosystem. Through a network of telemedicine booths, we will be able to monitor residents’ overall health, obtain quality information on environmental and health risks, and deploy prevention programs that will be adapted to everyone’s needs.

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