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Join the H4D team and start practicing telemedicine using our connected telemedicine booth.

Discover the advantages of H4D’s teleconsultation.

Reduced travel for occupational doctors

Strengthened advisory and guidance role for occupational nurses

Improved collaboration between multi-disciplinary units in employee monitoring

Teleconsultations, an essential new practice of medicine

Teleconsulting is a new way of practicing medicine, that complements face-to-face consultations. It gives doctors:

renewed satisfaction
in their practice

greater flexibility through
remote working

the opportunity to upskill with
new ways to practice medicine

Cas clinique H4D

A clinical case in teleconsulting – from Dr Mariama B.

En savoir plus

“One morning, my patient, about fifty years old, teleconsulted for an ENT infection – a standard GP case. The half-hour teleconsultation slot gave me more time to focus on my patient, so I asked her about her gynecological history. She agreed that at her age she should get checkups more often but she just doesn’t have the time.

I listened to her, counseled her, advised her. I gave her a prescription to treat her ENT infection, but also prescribed an ultrasound scan and a mammography.

A few days later, I received a message from this patient thanking me because cancerous micro-calcifications had been detected. Early detection meant early treatment.

From the standpoint of prevention, telemedicine is absolutely incredible.”

The Consult Station® is a genuine technological innovation that lets doctors consult in the same conditions as a traditional practice. The devices available in the booth make it possible to carry out a complete clinical examination, establish a diagnosis, and if necessary, issue a prescription printed directly in the booth.

Dr Célestin Guillouet,
H4D-trained and certified teleconsulting doctor

How to become an H4D doctor?


Talk with H4D’s Medical Team

to schedule availability slots


Take the 7-hour training session

in telesemiology


Install Consult Access®

the software for carrying out teleconsultations



by using the Consult Station® devices to help make the diagnosis and issue a prescription if necessary

Benefit from comprehensive support

Installation logiciel

Ongoing training

Access a premium telesemiology library with our telemedicine protocols

Expertise organisationnelle

Medical Coordination

A dedicated team to take care
of your appointments

Medical community

Share experiences and feedback
with your peers

H4D’s healthcare unit
A team of healthcare professionals at your disposal

Équipe médicale

Dr Arnaud Wilmet – Chief Medical Officer
Dr Albert Brizio – Medical Expert
Dr Valérie Faure – Medical Expert
Dr Célestin Guillouet – Medical Expert and teleconsultant
Alexandre Frérot – Training officer
Marion Bellot – Medical coordinator
Faïza Cherfi – Medical coordinator
Sylvain Guénel – Nurse Coordinator

H4D’s medical service in a few numbers


of practitioners are
satisfied with teleconsultation

2-Chiffres-cles 98%

of cases
fully treated

icn-h4d-chiffres-cles-5 55

practitioners trained in telemedicine

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