H4D’s connected medical booth: a unique patient experience

The Consult Station provides a unique and reliable experience for each patient. Discover the key figures from the feedback of the teleconsultations in more detail ; a main priority for H4D.


Offering patients a quality medical service ranging from medical evaluation to the printing of a prescription and a comprehensive clinical examination, delivered without delay and with an intuitive and reliable solution: these are the patients’ expectations that H4D meets.

H4D’s connected medical booth is a unique technological innovation, CE-certified, allowing a patient to consult a doctor remotely in the same conditions as a face-to-face consultation. The wide array of medical instruments present in the booth allows the doctor to perform a clinical examination remotely, make a diagnosis and, if necessary, issue a prescription printed immediately in the booth. A breakthrough innovation that is the result of years of research and development, H4D are constantly improving and evolving its content and interface. Our mission is to provide a unique medical service and patient experience, while respecting the classic approach to a medical consultation.

Patient feedback collected following the teleconsultations demonstrates the quality of care provided by the physicians, trained by H4D:
Patient satisfaction with the teleconsultation service is 99.1%;
The NPS score of 79, an indicator of how much a patient would recommend the service to a friend or family member, is higher than the NPS of large companies such as Apple (70) and Amazon (68);
95.8% of patients believe they had faster access to a medical consultation thanks to H4D’s telemedicine booth;
Proximity to the doctor is acknowledged, with 81.8% of patients forgetting the distance during the teleconsultation;
Patient empowerment has been demonstrated with 67% of patients who believe they can become actors in their own healthcare with H4D’s telemedicine booth.

Quality of service remains H4D’s main priority, to provide an optimal user experience for both patients and physicians.

“It’s an excellent service when you live far away. You avoid being away from the office for too long and it minimises the time you spend waiting because the treatment is delivered promptly” – Patient at Malakoff Humanis
“Even though I consider the patient-client relationship very important in today’s society, it is very difficult to get an appointment for simple illnesses (colds, chest pain, …), the installation of the consultation booth by our company has made it more accessible and is highly appreciated. The online doctor was very informative about what we had to do and was very attentive and receptive” – Patient at Matmut
“It saves you and your company time. You can be diagnosed and reassured quickly. You are treated immediately and do not have to wait until the last minute to consult your doctor when your condition is more serious” – Airbus patient
“Should be installed in all medical deserts. Very satisfied with the service” – Patient in the commune of Le Favril
Good confidence building on the part of the doctor. I immediately felt that he was a very good listener and the consultation was just as professional as that of a traditional practice.” Patient from the town of Mennecy.