Private Hospitals in Northern France: Prevent, detect… care and support!

Hainaut Private Hospitals are committed to putting prevention and screening at the heart of their activities. From June 29th, they will offer the possibility to carry out a free independent health check to any person going to one of their clinics.


Hainaut Private Hospitals are committed to putting prevention and screening at the heart of their activities. Following the measures carried out during the pandemic, the Hainaut Private Hospitals are positioning themselves as major players in prevention by enhancing their services, taking both a curative and preventive approach. In doing this, they are raising awareness among a wide range of people: not only patients, but also visitors and the staff who work there, by involving the city’s medical professionals.

In January 2021, the teams at Hainaut Private Hospitals responded to the pandemic by opening a vaccination centre, which has so far enabled them to vaccinate more than 30,000 people against Covid19. Today, they wish to enhance the services they offer by developing prevention and screening for patients going to vaccination centres. The idea is to capitalise on the fact that people go to vaccination centres en masse with optimism and in high spirits. They can then use the time spent in the vaccination centre to raise awareness and screen people, some of whom never visit a health clinic. In addition to addressing these patients, Hainaut Private Hospitals wish to act more generally within their clinics, also addressing visitors, carers and even their employees.

These prevention and screening services are highly innovative, both in the methods used and in the pathways put in place. The idea is to reach as many people as possible but always in a targeted and personalised way. Depending on the actions carried out, the link will be made with the care pathways already in place within the organisation. Specific guidance may also be offered. Finally, more broadly, the results obtained can contribute to the creation of future healthcare services in collaboration with public health systems.

From June 29th, the teams at Hainaut Private Hospitals will offer the possibility to carry out a free independent health check to any person going to one of their clinics, with 2 possible services which can be combined:

  • Using the Consult Station®, in collaboration with the company H4D: this pod allows users to measure their vital signs, and to take preventative measures when certain parameters go out of the norm. This includes guiding patients with a video tutorial to measure the following parameters autonomously:
    • Blood pressure
    • Heart rate
    • Blood oxygen saturation
    • Weight, height, and calculation of BMI
    • Vision (Visual Tests)
    • The results are printed and given to the patients with a visual rating scale; support may be provided.
    • An attendant will be present throughout to support the patient and carry out bio-cleaning between check-ups.


  • Within the vaccination centre, evaluations will be carried out. A 15-minute monitoring period is necessary after a vaccination. Patients will be offered to make use of this time by carrying out, on a case-by-case basis:
    • An assessment of sleep apnea, with an immediate interpretation that could end up in a referral to a professional
    • An evaluation of tobacco consumption, which could lead to an addiction consultation or targeted awareness-raising


This system will be set up in 3 ELSAN establishments in the Northern France.



About H4D Access to Care Services

A pioneer in the field of clinical telemedicine for more than 10 years, H4D has developed a professional and unique solution through the Consult Station®, the first connected medical practice. This device brings together measuring and diagnostic instruments necessary for patient care, all by videoconference. Based on this unique and certified technology, its expertise in the care delivery, in training and medical coordination, and on a platform of professionals specifically trained in telemedicine practice, H4D offers a complete service of access to care and prevention. H4D has carried out several thousand teleconsultations and independent check-ups in companies, in local authorities and healthcare institutions in France, but also internationally. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the new technologies developed by H4D, access to care is becoming a reality for all.

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About Elsan establishments in the Northern France region

The region of Northern France includes 9 ELSAN establishments: the Private Hospitals of Hainaut (Vauban polyclinic, polyclinic of the Park, rehabilitation center La Rougeville), the Ophthalmic Institute of Somain, the cambrésis clinic, the Private Hospital Saint Claude, the clinic of Flanders, the clinic Villette, the clinic of Saint Omer. They represent nearly 1200 beds, 350 practitioners, 1500 employees and 192000 patients per year.