The medical service provided through H4D’s connected telemedicine booth

Find out in detail about the medical service provided by the Consult Station®, a fully connected medical booth where doctors can provide patients with a complete medical service


Thanks to anonymized data aggregated through teleconsultations in H4D’s connected telemedicine booth, it is possible to draw up the profile of our patients as well as the diagnoses made by teleconsulting doctors. The depth of these data shows the diversity of patients that rely on clinical telemedicine to meet their health needs as well as the extent of the medical service provided by H4D’s solution.


Patients of various profiles and of all ages

It appears that the H4D connected telemedicine booth is popular with female patients: more than 70% of the sessions were carried out by women. And, far from popular belief, the typical user is not in the 20-30 age range. With an average age of 38 and a maximum age of 94, the H4D Consult Station® welcomes all types of profiles.


Diverse consultation motives, a wide range of diagnoses

Thanks to the instruments and sensors available in the connected telemedicine booth, and to the medical reports provided by the doctor at the end of each teleconsultation, the diagnoses covered by H4D’s solution are varied:

  • ENT: 44%
  • Osteoarticular: 10%
  • Pulmonology: 6%
  • Urology: 5%
  • Dermatology: 5%
  • Prescription renewals: 4%
  • Gastroenterology: 3%
  • Ophthalmology: 3%
  • Neurology: 2%
  • Cardiology: 2%
  • Gynecology: 2%
  • Psychology: 1%
  • Miscellaneous: 13% (Biology, endocrinology, prevention, certificates, dental, vaccines, STI allergy)

The diagnostic distribution completely mirrors what is observed in a doctor’s office in primary care practice.

“We conducted a comparative study of diagnoses made with the 50 most frequent diagnoses according to the Observatory of General Medicine. 48 out of 50 are carried out within the H4D connected telemedicine booth”, describes Dr. Arnaud Wilmet, medical director of H4D.

“This is to say that in our connected telemedicine booth, the Consult Station® allows the physician to consider the request of patient care and establish a proper diagnosis, as he could do in his office. In addition, having medical devices that can be activated remotely (stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, pulse oximeter, etc.) allows doctors to assess the severity of the diagnosis. This is an additional asset for implementing our remote medical practice and providing quality care for our patients.”

These anonymized data demonstrate the capacity of clinical telemedicine to fully respond to citizens’ health issues. This positions H4D as a major player in primary care treatments.


H4D – sept 2020